Flower Essences Diploma

Distance Learning

Flower Essences

This qualification is an accredited an insurable Diploma and provides the exciting opportunity to study and apply a wide range of flower essences from many Countries.


  • Introduction & History
  • Benefits & Effects
  • How Flower Essences work
  • Ranges of many flower essences
  • Preparing Flower Essences
  • History & Development of Flower Treatments
  • Consultation & Treatment
  • Emotional States & Physical Conditions
  • Life Experiences & Flower Essences
  • Exploring the vibrational nature of flower essences and subtle energy, auras, chakras
  • Aftercare
  • Case Studies
  • Relevant Anatomy & Physiology (if required)

Cost: £100.00

Duration: Flexible Home Study plus Case Studies

Entry Requirement: None required although A & P is preferred

Please note that you will eventually need or have access to a range of flower essences to complete your case studies if you intend to Practice.

Flower Essences Therapy