Ayurvedic Facial Diploma

Ayurveda is the World’s oldest Indian Healing System meaning ‘Science of life’ or ‘life knowledge’. The aim in Ayurveda is in prevention and to promote positive health, long life and well being. The Ayurvedic Facial Massage provides a specialist Marma point massage (which means ‘hidden’ and similar to acupressure points) to the head, face and upper body using specific oils according to the Dosha profile which brings total relaxation and rejuvenation.

On this Course we explore Ayurvedic principles, Dosha profiles and how to assess, specific oils for Dosha types, location of marma points, chakras and lots of hands-on practical massage. The Ayurvedic facial is wonderfully relaxing & rejuvenating treatment to offer.

This Course is fully accredited by The Guild of Holistic Therapists / The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and is an insurable Practitioner Course.

Duration: One day, 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Cost: £100

Entry Requirement: Anatomy & Physiology Qualification.  Non-Therapists are welcome to do this course for leisure only or A & P can be added if required to practice professionally.

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