Warm Bamboo Massage Diploma

An extremely portable treatment using light weight, beautifully crafted bamboo – a very versatile massage tool that allows you to introduce warmth to the muscles with much less effort than using your hands alone – without compromising effectiveness.

To perform a Warm Bamboo Massage the therapist uses bamboo sticks of varying sizes (using a Vulsini bamboo heating bag).

Benefits for Clients:

Increased circulation
Good for deep tissue work with even and longer pressure being applied
Reduces stress and fatigue
Eases muscle aches and pains
Treats a variety of chronic pain conditions including back pain and headaches
Aids relaxation
Highly effective for lymphatic drainage

Benefits for Therapists:

Saves therapists hands, wrists and body from over-exertion
Allows therapists to apply greater pressure without extra physical exertion
Non invasive and can be performed through clothes
Treatment is perfectly suited for clinic work or mobile – the equipment is light and portable

The aim of this 1 day course is to give therapists the knowledge and confidence to use Warm Bamboo sticks for professional massage.

Duration: One Day

Cost: £140.00 or £180.00 for Special Offer ‘Sticks & Stones’ (Hot Stones and Warm Bamboo) See Here

Dates: See here

Entry Requirements: A recent and recognised qualification in Body Massage / Anatomy & Physiology (available with Solace).

CPD Points: 15

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